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***Falling Hard is the prequel to Can’t Let Go (River Bend, #5), coming soon!***

Previously available as part of the Love Is anthology, now an exclusive read for Molly’s newsletter subscribers!

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Love is…reconnecting with someone you’ve never been able to forget…and jumping head first into the one thing you swore would never happen.

Reed Fletcher hasn’t seen Mia Carderas in more than a decade. When his childhood buddy left town, she never looked back. The sight of her, after all this time, hits him like a sucker punch to the gut. Especially when he learns she just broke off her engagement to a man he can’t stand.

Mia spent far too many teenager years hoping her best friend would see her as something more than the awkward diner girl. When he rejected her, she shook it off and set her sights on greener pastures. Now, she’s living the high life and it feels damn good. Well except the cheating ex. That part pretty much sucks.

The last thing Reed and Mia expect is to pick up where they left off. And they don’t—they skip ahead a few steps in a matter of hours, leaving the both to wonder—could there be more? Or is this rekindled flame a one-time spark?


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